To donate to Tempting Tables using your PAYPAL account please click on the button below.  Your donation is greatly appreciated.


To Donate

Underwriters donate money to our event to cover our bills for printing, the facility rental, food, etc.

Having Underwriters allows us to give 100% of our proceeds to the cause. We are very GRATEFUL for all

of our 2015 Underwriters!!!

Your Contribution.  A tax-deductible contribution to Tempting Tables can be a memorable and lasting

gift that will go on to help others.    

Remember Tempting Tables

 As a Memorial

 To Honor Someone

 For a Birthday

 As a Thank You

 In Your Will

Your monetary contribution to Tempting Tables can be designated for Breast Cancer Research, the

Dream Fulfillment Fund, or Underwriting.  Please contact J’nai Closz at (231) 744-1767 for assistance or

if you have any questions.  Thank you sincerely from Tempting Tables

Dream Fulfillment Fund.  During the Tempting Tables event, visitors are invited to participate in

drawings for wonderful prizes.  The proceeds from the drawings support the Dream Fulfillment Fund.  

This fund is used to purchase individually selected gifts for local persons experiencing breast cancer.  The

purpose is to give the gift recipient a boost while undergoing treatments such as radiation and

chemotherapy.  If you have a gift item you would like to donate to the drawings, please contact Sue

Smith, Dream Fulfillment Raffle chairperson, at