Dream Fulfillment

  Our Dream Fulfillment Fund is an additional program that directly serves people currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Through this program our efforts are further enhanced by the amazing generosity of both individuals and local businesses. Donated gifts and services are then used to brighten the day of a cancer patient, with a surprise gift package.

We have delivered such treasures as gift baskets of homemade candies, salon products, jewelry gifts, floral designs, stuffed animals, gardening goodies and sports items, all personally chosen for the recipient. Other surprises have included gift certificates for massage therapy, lodging at a picturesque bed & breakfast, hand-painted birdhouses,  unique leather gifts, home decor and so much more! 

Our Dream Fulfillment is funded mainly by the many donations of wondrous items we raffle at our events. Past donations have included a trip to Chicago, exquisite jewelry, fine art and even a kayak! The generosity of our donors is amazing.  For more information or to nominate someone as a Dream Fulfillment recipient, please contact Jnai Closz by email at jnai67@comcast.net or by phone at 231-206-1684
(It is important to know the name, address and phone number of the intended recipient, and please suggest gift ideas.)

You are invited to become one of our partners in helping with the Tempting Tables event as a donor and/or volunteer and to participate in any of our raffle/drawings, fundraisings or Dream Fulfillment gifting projects. 

Sadly, nearly everyone knows someone who has been affected by breast cancer. Please decide that YOU will be ONE of those who helps to make a difference, and helps to find a cure!  See "Contact Us" tab for additional Dream Fulfillment information!