If you know someone that has been diagnosed with breast cancer and would like to surprise them with a gift from the Tempting Tables Dream Fulfillment Fund please email Jnai Cloz at jnai67@comcast.net or click here for more information

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We received this award from VanAndel Institute last night at our first meeting for TT 2019.  VanAndel Institute recognized Tempting Tables for giving $100,000.00 directly to Dr. Carrie Graveel for the research she does on breast cancer at VanAndel Institute.  The Tempting Tables name is recognized at the Institute also.  A brick recognizing our $100,000.00 gift is on their wall.
This gift to VanAndel can only be given by us for research because each person involved in Tempting Tables is working diligently to make this happen!  The thanks goes to each one of you that makes this happen!!!  You are a part of something that can and does make a difference.
The Tempting Tables committee is grateful to each of you that makes this happen!
Thanks to all of you!

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​Congratulations to all of our Table Designers, Collection partners, all the volunteers, patrons and underwiters who have made Tempting Tables 2017 a successful event.